FL Bushing and Ultra Micrometer Seater Die Set Forster


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FL Bushing and Ultra Micrometer Seater Die Set Forster ~NEW

The Bushing Full Length Sizing Dies offer advanced precision by allowing you to precisely control the amount of neck sizing tension in your reloaded brass while sizing the body and bumping the shoulder. This die improves accuracy and prolongs case life because the case’s shoulder and body is sized down just enough to fit in a minimum-sized SAAMI rifle chamber, and bushing limits working of the neck.

The Ultra Micrometer Seater Dies are a non-crimping style seater die that holds the bullet and case in perfect alignment while the bullet is press-fit seated.

The set includes a red die box and 3 bushings in these die sets.

Bushings included with the die set and usually one of these will suit as they are 2 sizes apart. But expect you may need to order additional neck bushing depending upon your brass wall thickness and bullet tension you desire.
6 Dasher          264, 266, 268
6 Creedmoor  270, 272, 274
6.5 Creedmoor  288, 290, 292
6.5 PRC          288, 290, 292
7 PRC             308, 310, 312
308 win       332, 334, 336