21st Century Concentricity Gauge


21st Century Concentricity Gauge without Dial

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21st Century Concentricity Gauge – Without Gauge unit
  • This is the basic concentricity tool WITHOUT GAUGE
  • Ideal if you already own a lever type of dial gauge which you can add. Otherwise look at the unit which comes with a dial gauge.
  • This case and cartridge concentricity gauge is specifically designed for measure rotating diameters. That means cartridge cases and loaded rounds.
  • Adjustable turning rollier wheels instead of Vee blocks to support the turning cartridge case.
  • Can measure outside and inside runnout of the necks.
  • Roller sliding supports of linear guideways to adjust each platform independently.
  • Like all concentricity gauges, these are diagnostic tools for each step in the reloading process. Pre resizing, post resizing, post bullet seating.