Wilson STD Case Trimmer Stainless


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Wilson Case Trimmer Stainless

  • This is the original STD Wilson Case trimmer now in Stainless Steel (Just the Trimmer Unit)
  • This trimmer uses special Case holders to support the cartridge case when trimming. (see separate types of Wilson Case holders)
  • Perfect length everytime and square cut case mouths are what the Wilson is famous for.
  • Can be set up for long cartridges by repositioning the cutter holder head. (Clearance from cutter head to shaft end is 72mm on standard setting. You can add extra 13mm by readjusting the cutter bearing.
  • This basic unit can be supported in a Vise for use.
  • Best setup is with the Wilson Stand and BRT Platform in fit form (see separate product) and see supplementary photo above.

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