Wilson Case Trimmer Stainless with Micrometer and TiN Cutter

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Wilson Case Trimmer Stainless with Micrometer and TiN Cutter

This case trimmer system is the best bar none.  One of those reloading tools you own for a lifetime and wonder why you didn’t have one at the beginning.
The LE Wilson case trimmer design has always been unique and the ‘benchresters favourite” for more than 40 years. But now it is grown up.
Today it is Stainless Steel with a micrometer adjustment and the NEW Titanium Nitride cutter that never goes blunt.

Benefits include:

    • The only case trimmer to actually trim cases exactly to length every time due to how the case is supported.
    • Cases are secured in special case holders that simulate a rifle chamber.
    • Everything sits on a pair of rails for alignment
    • Quick and accurate, no neck pilots are needed.
    • The case mouth is cut square.
    • You can skim the case heads (the other end) also to remove those slight high spots (only on fireformed cases)
    • Several accessories are available like inside neck reamers, primer pocket crimp chamfer tools, shallow taper inside chamfer tool.
    • Large diameter adjustment shaft. Micrometer adjustments of 0.001″
    • Can be set up for long cartridges by repositioning the cutter holder head. (Clearance from cutter head to shaft end is 72mm on standard setting. You can add extra 13mm by readjusting the cutter bearing.
  • NB Case holders are not included