Ultramount Dedicated Top Plates – InLine Fabrication


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Ultramount Dedicated Top Plates for InLine Fabrication

These are the Top Plates which will fit onto either of the 3 sizes of Inline Fabrication leg heights . The original 9-3/4″ tall, 7.5″ Junior and the 4.0″ Micro legs sets.

These are Dedicated plates, drilled to fit each specific preloading press and model on the dropdown list above.

Bolts and screws for each type are supplied

Please note: The other way, or other system of connecting a reloading press to any of the 3 Inline Fabrication legs heights, is called their “Quick Change system”.  This is not this system which is the simple “Dedicates” reloading press plates.
For the other, “Quick Change” there needs to be two (2) top plates.  A ‘Quick Change Base Plate’ connects on top of the leg sets. Then for the reloading presses a ‘Quick Change Press Plates” is needed to connect your press with the swapping in and out system. So that system may be usefull to check out, but this system is the original, involves one top plate, dedicated to the holes and shape for your press and connects directly to the legs. For people with just one reloading press and no need to keep swapping out to fit up other items this is the best option.