Triggercam 2.1 Shoot and Hunting Camera


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Triggercam 2.1 Shoot and Hunting Camera

  • Triggercam 2.1 is the latest and best ‘thru the lens’ recording system for rifle scopes.
  • Advanced video stabilisation technology. (can also be turned off)
  • Record video up to 4k quality on your Centrefire, Rimfire or Air Rifle when shooting. On the range or in the field.
  • HD slow motion video play.
  • Ideal for recording Hunting and Target shooting situations. Either video or Photo.
  • Records what you see through the scope. Also operates via a dedicated APP. Android and IOS.
  • Can Wifi to a device (phone, tablet etc) and control the recording of video and photos on your phone. Also preview images ‘live’
  • Live streaming capable.
  • Can adjust and set focus.
  • Kit includes 8 special sleeve to fit scope eyepiece lens of nearly all rifle scopes
  • Record to mini SD card inside device. 32gb. Can remove SD card and view files on a computer for editing etc.
  • HDMI connection also. PAL/NTSC
  • Records high quality sound also.
  • Inbuilt battery. Charge with phone charger. 2.5 hours recording time
  • Auto low light function.
  • Solid build quality
  • Made in South Africa.

NOTE: Will fit scope eyepiece assemblies from 40mm diameter to 47.6mm approx. Needs a clear eyepiece lens assembly without a switch on top like some model Swarovski scopes have. Needs approx 30-35mm of length to slide on the Camera and secure. Is not ideal for Scopes where the whole eyepiece rotates to zoom the magnification. For obvious reasons. Some model NF scopes have this.

Watch this YouTube video review by Chris Parkin which gives a very good description of how it all works. Click the photo to open in a new tab