21st Century Stainless Steel Neck Turning Expander Mandrel


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Stainless Steel Neck Turning Expander Mandrel 21st Century (used in conjunction with 21st Century Neck Turn Mandrels)

  1. 21st Century Shooting Neck Turn Expander Mandrels when used with our 21st Century Shooting Expander Die Body will expand the case neck for proper fit on the outside neck turning arbor
  2. Precision CNC machined from very high grade stainless steel.
  3. These fit into either the STD size of Long length 21st expander die bodies (purchase separately)

Please note: These expander mandrels may not work ideally for special bullet grip expanding. These expanders are meant to match the size of Outside Neck Turn mandrels and are under the caliber size. For bullet grip expanding there is a special range made for these tasks. See 21st Century undersize expanders where there is a range of sizes in half thou (0.0005″) increments.


(22 cal, 6mm, 6.5mm, 270 cal)

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