Inline Fabrication Spacer for flush mount base plate


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Inline Fabrication – Spacer for the Flush Mount base plate –

  • The flush mount base plate itself was designed to be routered into your bench to provide a nice flat benchtop. Yep you would need to dig a bit out of your benchtop.
  • However, If you don’t want to router out your bench top (i.e, mount it directly to the surface ) you must install this shim plate¬† to raise the Flush mount up a touch which allow the quick change top plate tongues to drop in and out.¬† Therefore without the need to dig out your benchtop surface.

This illustration shows the Flush Mount system and the bench has been dug out under the rectangular slot here.
If you don’t want to dig out your bench top then this spacer will raise up the Flush Mount just enough so the quick change system will work