Shadetree Joystick Rest Top to suit Caldwell


Shadetree Joystick Rest Top to suit Caldwell

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Shadetree Joystick Rest Top – CALDWELL “Rock BR” type

  • The Shadetree Joystick coaxial benchrest top is designed to fit directly onto a Caldwell Rock BR bottom section.
  • This is an economical way to get a joystick style benchrest for competition use.
  • It has a threaded post that is 7/8″ x 6 ACME thread (course thread). NOTE: The very early Caldwell Rock BR had a different fine thread 1″ in diameter.
  • The Shadetree comes without front bag so you need to also get a bag of your choice to suit your rifle fore end width. The internal dimensions of the bag area is 145mm x 55mm
  • Protecktor front owl ear bags fit. 3 sizes available in leather and 3 sizes in Cordura. 1″, 2″ and 3″
  • Also the Common Varmint Edgewood front bag will fit.
NB. The Protektor ”Caldwell” style front bag will not fit (too fat). The Bald Eagle range of bags are also difficult and a bit too fat.
Many people fit this joystick top to other benchrests connecting up with different threaded posts altogether. This can be achieved but some mechanical knowledge and tools are required.
The rest top also needs a complete dismantle to remove the post supplied and fit up the other type desired. Its more than a regular ”handyman” job.
Click the image for a video on using the Shadetree…