Shadetree – Bald Eagle Triangle Benchrest Cast Iron with 3 inch front bag


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This is another ideal combination to get into a Joystick type of a benchrest. The cast iron base gives lots of stability and adjustment. The Shadetree top has been around for 10 years and is used on many other types of regular, traditional benchrests like this Bald Eagle. (Eg, Caldwell, Hart, Edgely, early Sinclair etc)
  • This kit is a combination of 4 components
  • 1) Bald Eagle cast iron Triangle legs Benchrest, model BE1153 (which is with a windage top section). Triangle shape front legs for those who prefer this shape.
  • 2) Shadetree joystick benchrest top with threaded post to suit Bald Eagle rests
  • 3) Protektor brand 3 inch cordura front bag to fit the Shadetree (NB: bag is empty, you need to fill it with sand)
  • 4) BRT replacement rear leg. Stainless dome head bolt with machined point. Also a smaller bolt supplied to screw into thread hole on the rear arm (cosmetic only)


Shadetree Installation Kit for Bald Eagle Benchrests

Stuart’s Shadetree Instructions V4