Rimfire Scope Rail Split type – 15MOA BRNO/CZ with 10mm dovetail – Redback

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Scope Rail 15MOA BRNO with 10mm dovetail Split – Redback

  • CNC machined alloy with Satin anodised finish
  • 15moa forward slope rail
  • The top dovetail is the Kelbly Stolle dovetail. Many Custom Rimfire actions have small individual blocks of this dovetail type. But a lot of those are not on true size actually. The Redback Dovetails are true size.
  • This will only fit some Model 2 BRNO/CZ models. Measure across the dovetail on the action with calipers, if it measures 11mm these will fit.
  • Will not fit the older 5/8″ type BRNO dovetail or the CZ American model which is smaller (3/8)
  • Torque settings 15in/lbs on side screws

Will suit Trentech dovetail rings or Kelbly Stolle dovetail rings (Top dovetail on this rail is the Kelbly/Stolle type)