Scope Levels BRT


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Scope Levels

  • Sleek profile, offset and still easy to see.
  • Bubble within the vial is slow moving which means it doesn’t bounce all over the place rapidly with slight rifle angle movements
  • Thin design means it can be mounted forward or rearward of scope turrets and possibly forward of the front ring mount.
  • Levels can be mounted to accomodate Left or Right handed shooters

2 sizes for scope tubes in 30mm and 34mm.


Stuarts Tips: Scope bubbles mounted around the scope are often a much better solution those fixed levels within a scope ring. Having a scope bubble mounted furtherĀ  forward is often better because you dont need to change your focus with the “off eye” (non scope viewing eye) to a much closer position. If the bubble is mounted closer to the shooter one either needs to particularly focus the eye close, or come back off the rifle and scope to view it. It is more ideal if you can view what you need without moving your shooting positing or eye focus.
Further forward means it is seen in the shooters peripheral vision by the left eye (for RH shooters) and vice versa. It also means that because it can be rotated around the scope body tube this means you can you fine tune that setting and actually ‘calibrate’ it to match the trajectory fall line of your outfit (ie: where the barrel points). This is necessary for extreme long range shooting in particular (ELR) and is achieved or calibrated with the aid of doing a tall target shooting test.