Inline Fabrication Quick Change System Base Plate


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InLine Fabrication – Quick Change System Base Plate

  • This is the Base Plate of the QC system which will bolt up to one of the 3 Ultra mount leg sets (9-75″ high, 7.5″ high, 4.0″ high)
  • Comes with hardware to attach to either of the 3 different height Ultramount legs. For Flush mount you will need your own to suit your application (eg: bench thickness or the use of a Spacer etc will affect this)
  • This Base Plate will accept the slip in “QC Top Plates”  through the slot at the rear.
  • Each reloading press or piece of equipment you want to use with the quick change system will need its own QC Top Plate. (sold separately and called QC Top Plates)

NB: “Dedicated Top Plates” do not work in this Quick Change system.
NB:  There is a different Quick Change Base for a bench Flush Mount system

Video of Inline fabrication options