Inline Fabrication Quick Change Flush Mount Base Plate


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Quick Change Flush Mount Base Plate InLine Fabrication

  • This quick change Base Plate is the Flush Mount system.
  • Can be direct bolted to a bench top to sit flush.
  • Please note though you will need to router out, or remove bench material from under the rectangular slot area to allow the tongue of the QC Top Press plates to fit it.
  • Otherwise you can add a Flush Mount Spacer under this Base Plate to save the need to dig out some of your bench top (sold separately). see Spacer For Flush mount base plate
  • Each reloading press or piece of equipment that you want to use in the quick change set up, needs its own top plate. Called the “QC Top plates”
  • Wall mount storage plates are also available to store your presses with their QC Top plates installed. (these a not required, but nice to have. Double and single docks)

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