Protektor Custom Rear Bags


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The footprint of the Custom bags is 175mm x 130mm.
Hard Base
The bag height 95mm
Leather or Cordura Rabbit ears are 55mm tall (13B bags)
Leather or Cordura Bunny ears are 35mm tall (14b bags)
Ear spacing – Single stitch, 2 stitch (10mm), 3 stitch (13mm)

The “13B” means rabbit ears (taller) and the “14B” means Bunny ears (small).

If “C” is in the code that means the bag has the Cordura ears. If there is no C in the code then it means the Leather ears.
“DS” means double stitch. Which essentially means ear spacing will be 10mm (2 rows of stitching on main bag between ears). “TS” means Triple stitch (13mm spacing). If there is no DS or TS it means there is 1 row of stitching only.

(Yes we know! This is NOT our way of doing part numbers)