MM Barrel Tuner – Long Range Light


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MM Barrel Tuner – Centrefire Long Range Light

  • Designed for Light centrefire BR and Long range F class style rifles. Weight is 206 grams.
  • These tuners require the barrel to be threaded 0.875″ dia for 1.125″ long and 32 threads per inch (TPI).
  • These barrel tuners work on adjusting the length to find a spot delivering tighter shot dispersion.
  • They also work on the harmonic dampening principle. In a similar way to an engine’s harmonic balancer.
  • Engraved index marks at the rear face of the tuner makes it easier to track position changes when first setting up.
  • Dual clamping screws for a positive 360 degree clamp on the threads.
  • Top quality product. Made in Australia.
NB:. To fit these tuners requires the barrel to be threaded as per above sizes by a professional gunsmith or Tradesman machinist. Regardless of the fact that the twin clamping bolts will tighten around the barrel it is important that the thread fit is machined very well. Not loose

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