March Middle Focus Wheel


Choose from the 3 internal diameter size options

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Add on focus wheel for March Scope models

These alloy wheels are 49mm outside diameter and when added to the parallax dial of a March scope improves the fine tuning of parallax adjustments because the diameter increases the leverage and grip of the dials.

These are easily installed or removed using the 3 special screws which will secure the wheel to the dial

There are 3 sizes of internal diameter because the parallax dial diameters on all the March Scope models are one of these 3 sizes.

  • 31mm internal is for the Benchrest models. (48x, 40x-60x EPZ, 10x-60x52L and non illum Tactical version.
  • 34mm suit most of the others in non illuminated
  • 36mm suit all the illuminated dials.

NB: Please make sure that you measure the diameter of the parallax dial on your particular scope before selecting.