March 1x-10x 24 FFP Tactical Shorty Dual Reticle Scopes


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March 1x-10x 24 FFP Tactical Shorty Dual Reticle Scopes

This is one of the March “Shorty” family. A very compact scope. 30mm body. Can be mounted with one low Spuhr ring (contact us) or some other brands with two rings behind the turret (see supplementary photos) This is a first focal plane scope and a second focal plane scope. First of its kind. Thus is called a dual reticle. It also has the bright fibre illumination dot which remains in the second focal plane. Therefore it does NOT increase in size when increasing the magnification. THIS FLASH DOT IS DAYLIGHT VISIBLE too!

* 10x zoom ratio
* Focus to 10 yards
* Scope body machined from solid billet
* 6 level select-able illumination switch which is pressure pad push in focus dial
* The size of a water bottle. Weight is approx 500grams

Two (2) reticle options. DR1 is usually kept in stock. The DR-TR1 is on special order only.

This scope is 10x zoom ratio and there are two FFP reticles. More information is here





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