Lenzi Resizing Press BR Model


Lenzi Resizing Press BR Model

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Resizing Press BR Model Lenzi

  • This is the Lenzi small reloading press called the “BR”.
  • Ideal for portable applications also. For example; taking to a Benchrest Match.
  • This version is best suited for the small cartridges like the 223r, PPC and BR etc.
  • It takes the regular 7/8″ x 14 threaded dies.
  • Takes regular shellholders (we recommend Redding brand which are ground)
  • Unique catcher for the spent primers.
  • the Shaft is ground steel. Anodised alloy frame is bronze bushed and lapped for perfect shaft fit. It’s 24mm diameter shaft
  • Good secure bench clamp system. Will clamp to a table top which is up to 51mm thick. Overall height approx 240mm