Lenzi Rear Bag Model LR 19 Medium Blue


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Lenzi Rear Bag Model LR 19 Medium Blue

Model LR HV is designed for rifle stocks where the area of the butt which sits in the bag is parallel to the barrel. AKA “flat stock” where the underside width is close to 19mm.
The footprint is bigger – 180mm x 210mm. See supplementary pictures.

The LENZI shooting bags are made in Italy from the very best quality materials. These are made in Moderna with the same people who provide top quality leather work for the best Italian sports cars. Alberto Lenzi is a Benchrest Shooter so he knows well the requirements of a good rear bag for shooting competition. The base section of heavy leather is a “donut” design so it will sit solid on the bench without rock or roll.

NB: These bags are not filled with sand. Each ear needs to be filled first and then the main bag with sand. We recommend “Heavy sand” in at least the main bag body