Inline Fabrication LED Shellplate Lighting Kit STD Battery Pack


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Perfect for any “O” frame press, Rockchucker, lyman, LEE, Redding, etc. Also, LEE turret, Redding T-7 and many more. If you have 4″ of available space to install it on your press, you are good to go!

These Patent Pending hi intensity LED systems put the light right where you need it……inside the cage of your reloading press. Super thin 6 LED profile attaches to the inside of the upright of your press and floods the shellplate and your cases with light. Double checking powder level before setting each bullet is an important safety step and now becomes easier than ever before. I will let the photos speak for themselves.

Each 12 volt light system comes with a 4 inch long, 6 LED strip, inline onoff switch and AA battery pack ( 8 AA’s)