LED Lighting Kit Dillon 550 Battery Pack InLine Fabrication

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LED lighting system for the 550…..perfected. This Patent pending reloading press LED lighting system consists of a machined bushing with an embedded high output LED pod which installs into the center hole of the toolhead. Super bright, straight down focused light, out of the way, no heat and does the job perfectly. Average lifespan is 75,000 hours. Also fits the RL 450

Calibre changes are quick and easy, just pick it up, change the toolhead, drop it back in and get back to work. This system comes complete with battery pack (holds 8 AAs – not included) with 48″ long cord, on\off switch prep kit and wire routing anchors.

550 Skylight systems are equipped with strain relief and “drop in” installation for quick, easy toolhead swaps.