KM Premium Carbide Flashhole Uniformer with Power Option


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KM Premium Carbide Flash hole Uniformer with Power Option.

NEVER use these tools in a case with a “LIVE Primer.

  • The new Premium flash hole tools have a carbide cutting head that allow the brass chips to free flow from the cutter which conditions both the diameter of the flash hole and chamfers the flash hole at the case web.
  • Available in 0.082”, 0.062” and 0.059” diameter cutting tips.
  • The tip of the tool has a gentle taper to help enter the flash hole and then condition the flash hole to a specific diameter.
  • Just as our “Professional” flash hole tool, the “Premium” tool chamfer cut depth is controlled from the case web.  So once the tool bottoms on the case web the cutting action is done regardless of overall case length variation.
  • This version has the “power adapter” fitted for use with a cordless screwdriver. A manual handle is also available separately if required

NB: Most cartridge cases have the standard size flash hole which is 0.082″ in diameter. But some of the Lapua cases has a special flash hole size of around 0.059″ diameter.
Usually it is preferable to cut those small holes to a size for 0.62″ diameter which will ensure two things. 1) all the holes will be uniformed to the one size, 2) most de priming pins of various dies etc which are made for the small size will fit properly.
But some people still prefer to use the .059″ size diameter tool instead.
Those Lapua cases with the small flash hole include:
220 Russian (PPC), 6mm BR Norma, 6mm and 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 x47Lapua and the 308 Palma cases (Please note; Lapua also do make some of these in STD .082 size as well. For example Creedmoor and 308)



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