KM Micro Adjustable Neck Turner Body only with Steel cutters


KM Micro Adjustable Neck Turner Body only with Steel cutters

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The K&M neck turner has a very unique cutter adjustment mechanism that allows for a very precise cutter adjustment. This design incorporates very fine pitched threads of a screw within a screw concept which yields 0.002” cutter advance for each rotation of the adjustment nut. As a point of reference and comparison, a micrometer advances the spindle 0.025” for every revolution of the thimble. There are etched markers on the neck turner body around the circumference of the cutter adjustment screw hole placed every 30 degrees radially and as a reference, there is one punch mark on the face of the adjustment nut. When the adjustment nut is rotated one increment the cutter advancement is 0.0002”.

You can drive the cartridge with the power adapter and proper shell holder by hand when the handle is installed or remove the handle from the power adapter and insert the ¼” hex stem into a cordless screwdriver.

Use the SHELL HOLDER GUIDE  to determine the appropriate Shell Holder for your particular application.

Doughnut Control

To properly combat the formation of a doughnut the neck should be turned so the cut ends slightly into the shoulder. Our cutter lead angle will accommodate all shoulder angles by allowing you to cut into the neck/shoulder junction while the leading angle “blends out” of the shoulder.