KM Flash Hole Uniformer Pro STD – 0.080


KM Flash Hole Uniformer Pro STD .080

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KM Flash Hole Uniformer Pro STD – 0.080

  • This is the KM Pro version of the flash hole uniformers for the standard size flash holes which are 0.080″ size.
  • 99% of rifle cases are this size. It is best to uniform the hole size to 0.080″
  • This tool also cuts a small inside chamfer which is depth controlled to remove burrs
  • The depth control is preset on the tool and applies down at the case web (where it should be done).


NB: Some brass can be quite bad with burrs and this tool will uniform them, but this also can mean pieces of brass build up quickly inside the cutter tube which is easily cleaned out using a tooth pick. Some people complain about this issue, but the cause is the brass itself and this is why you are correcting it. It is not the tool which causes this problem!



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