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KM Shooting Arbor Press – Left Hand version

  • K+M’s Precision Reloading Arbor Press is the most popular arbor press for precision reloaders.
  • This rugged arbor press is used with inline bullet seating and neck sizing dies. (eg: Wilson inline dies)
  • It’s perfect for use at your home loading bench or at the range.
  • You can achieve consistency and accuracy with the ability to “feel” the bullet as it is seated into the case neck.
  • This is incredibly important for the best results.
  • Newly designed toggle link arbor press has a very smooth and much-improved feel to provide the reloader that critical sensitive feedback.
  • Compact size allows for use on your loading bench or at the range.
  • Mounting holes are provided in the base as an option to hard mount to your loading bench.

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