Kaizen Track Plate Stainless Steel 0deg


Kaizen Track Plate Stainless Steel 0deg

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Kaizen Track Plate Stainless Steel 0 deg
This track plate is an ideal and simple conversion for your regular rifle which has a round or shaped for end. Usually these rifles are difficult to shoot from a regular front benchrest or over a flat front bag. This Track plate solves the problem
  • Folded stainless steel for strength, light weight, durability and good looks
  • Ideal for Tactical style rounded fore end stocks or similar Hunting rifle stocks.
  • Suits a connection to underside of the fore-end that is parallel (zero degrees) to the barrel or up to a 2 degrees slope.
  • 75mm (3″) wide. 127mm (5″) long.
  • Can be mounted using secure bolts (not provided) to underside of the rifle stock using existing sling mount or pic rail mount bolts. Or add your own second mount position to suit.
  • Ideal for use on a front benchrest for some competitions or just for for testing or load development at the range.
  • Ideal for shooting over a flat sandbag or rolled shooting mat etc. Many possible uses
  • Keeps the rifle vertical.
  • Australian made.
  • We can EXPORT this product. Please email us directly for International sales.
Please Note:
Due to the huge number of possible stock connections and rifle fore end situations it is not possible to supply standard mounting hardware
  • Mounting bolts and nut inserts are not supplied.
  • The underside of the Track Plate is drilled with three holes. If these spacings do not suit your application you can simply drill another hole in the appropriate position.
  • Many Tactical rifles come fitted with a mini pic rail under the fore-end and removing that rail and using the same securing bolts for this Track Plate would be ideal.
  • Fitting to stock with an inletted Anshutz type fore-end rail may be possible but appropriate special hardware to suit that particular rail would be needed.
  • We recommend at least two mounting bolts should be used and ideally separated at least 50-100mm apart. Three (3) mounting bolts on heavy recoil rifles. If your rifle has a front sling stud which has a threaded nut insert in the stock then usually that stud can become one of the supports. Then you may need to add another bolt with insert nut as required. We do not recommend wood screws be used.
  • Owners need to take appropriate care in securing and mounting to your rifle to ensure the mounting bolts do not damage the stock. We recommend the services of a professional gunsmith to advise and carry out installation and mounting that suits your outfit.
Also note: If you intend to use The Kaizen Track Plate in a formal competition on a front benchrest please check the rules for that particular competition first. Some rules say the fore-end must be flat and 100% contact with the front bag. Other rules allow the underside shape of this track plate just as it is. SSAA Fly shoot for example. So it is advisable to check the rules of any competition you may use this in. We offer a separate Flat plate (called a Flat Base) to add onto the trackplates if this is required.


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