Lenzi Joystick Benchrest Solid Base with 5 inch Front Bag (Black Red Black)


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Lenzi Joystick coaxial Benchrest –

Solid base and with top and bag for 5″ wide flat stocks – Black Solid base, Red body, Black top

The Lenzi joystick front Benchrest is made in Italy by Alberto Lenzi who has more than 20 years experience in formal Benchrest competition himself. With help from Stuart Elliott (AUS) who has some 42 years Benchrest Shooting experience around the world and in every single form of the sport and won many World Championships. Also Gary Costello (UK) with his many years of F class shooting experience including World Championships. They have worked together with Alberto’s machinists to produce a design and a final form which achieves the ultimate.

It features unsurpassed joystick operation with the widest/highest movements available to traverse any target. Including the difficult and wide WRABF Air Rifle score target at 25m. In our opinion is the best, most beautiful Benchrest ever produced. It is a joy to use and just enhances the pleasure of owning fine tools that deliver on function. Maybe like driving a Ferrari? No coincidence they are made in the same town in Italy.

This Benchrest is made to be used in various competitions where official Bench Rest Shooting exists. 25m and 50m Air Rifle. 50m, 100 and 200m Rimfire. 100, 200, 300 Centrefire Benchrest group shooting, 500, 600 and 1,000 yard Long Range Benchrest. F class competition. (F class feet are available as option). In various forms it will handle rifles weighing from 3KG to 30 kg and front stock width from 2.25″ to 5″ (5.8 to 12.8cm)
All components are machined from solid Aluminum, Stainless steel and Delrin. Some commercial screws too but NO cast parts. The rest is completely assembled and a counterweight system is simply screwed on and adjusted as required or if desired (can be left off altogether). An additional counterweight can be purchased separately. Also for heavier rifles an internal uplift spring kit is included with this 5″ benchrest. This helps spread the weight of heavy rifles more evenly instead of all load being with the counterweight system. (Stuart Elliott design feature).
Aluminum parts are anodised for protection and appearance. The other parts are stainless steel.
Large foot print layout (29x33cm) makes it very stable on the bench. Overall weight including the counterweight is approx 9.8kg

A bubble level is fitted also. The center carriage is easily height adjustable and ambidextrous of course. The mounting columns can be re-positioned in different 4 ways and also to reversed (technically 8 position options) to allow for different shooting positions. Including shooting from the ground with the base reversed and F class feet added. (NB: F class feet kit sold separately). The handle is kinked to allow easy positioning and even twisting for height if needed. Even the knob on the handle is a genuine #8 billiard ball of the famous Belgium brand Aramith.

This particular version has the wide top for wide stocks and has a 5″ leather/Cordura bag with 3M slick surface. Typical use would be for Heavy Gun class in 1,000 yard benchrest and the 500m Fly events. Also a 4″ front bag is available too for those who happen to have a 4″ wide flat stock (contact us). Options include and additional weight, long handles.
This Benchrest can handle rifle weight 25kg or more and has the internal uplift spring system (Stuart’s design) to add support to the counter weight system

Includes top quality front leather/cordura front bag to suit 3″ (75mm) wide stocks. NB. Bag needs filling with sand. (Fine sand, Heavy sand or Glass beads as you prefer)
The rest comes packaged in its own solid Cardboard box and weighs approx 14.2kg. Dimensions 45 x 41 x 27mm

Freight is flat rate $10 Australia wide as with all online orders!

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Please note: The front bag need filling with sand. (they are now shipped empty for a couple of reasons)

What is included?
Solid style base section and complete coaxial benchrest unit.
Joystick handle with kinked angle (is removable).
A counterweight system is included. The shaft which screws onto the front stub. Also a counterweight (1) which fits to it. Optional second weight available.
Internal uplift spring kit is included in this 5′ Benchrest.
Leather/Special 3M slick type front bag. (Bag itself is empty, needs filling with appropriate sand on your choice)

A case is not included as there is a huge variety of needs and desires for carriage and protection. In Europe, Alberto can supply an SKB case as an option. But the cost of importing that to Australia is not viable. Stuart and Annie use the Milwaukee Pack-out Case system. Available most everywhere.
For Benchrest shooting these days many Rifle Ranges demand that special disc feet are used so the sharp points from any benchrest does not damage their benches. Check out the BRT brand Super Feet.

For an F-Class setup, the base is reversed and add F class feet kit (Purchase separately). F class feet kit includes the feet (3) and one leg to replace the rear stub fine thread unit.