FL Bushing Die Forster – NEW


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FL Bushing Die Forster ~NEW~ (order bushings separately)

The Bushing Full Length Sizing Dies offer advanced precision by allowing you to precisely control the amount of neck sizing tension in your reloaded brass while sizing the body and bumping the shoulder.
This die improves accuracy and prolongs case life because the case’s shoulder and body is sized down just enough to fit in a minimum-sized SAAMI rifle chamber, and bushing limits working of the neck.
Uses Forster bushings (order separately) Forster Bushings

Comes with the new Accu-ring lock ring with engraved lines to assist in custom setting of the shoulder bump.
Also the decapping rod comes with an expander fitted to it as well. This expander can be removed for those reloaders who are outside neck turning their brass for uniformity. Therefore wishing to reduce the ‘brass working’ and select bushing sizes accordingly.
For reloaders who are not outside neck turning their brass they will find wall thickness varies. The idea of the expander on the decapping rod is to account for this, but it usually requires a neck bushing about 1 size smaller to get good results overall. See description in the neck bushings product.

Please Note: Neck bushings are not supplied with this die. Because you need to choose a neck bushing, or a couple of bushings, to suit your particular cases. The things which affect the choice are things like the wall thickness of the brass, variations around the necks in this thickness (thus and average) or if you have outside neck turned you cases then hopefully the uniformity is consistent. But due to this machining the walls will now be thinner. Also what particular bullet tension you desire. There is an explanation and guide written in description for these Forster bushings here