Edgewood Bolt Holster Deluxe


Edgewood Bolt Holster Deluxe

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Edgewood Bolt Holster – Deluxe
  • This bolt holster is a high quality leather product and comes with a belt clip.
  • The flap covers and protects the bolt handle.

Please note this holster is primarily designed to fit rifle bolts which are in common use with competition Bench Rest shooting.
Eg: Stolle, BAT, Stiller, Rem short action and some Rimfire bolts will fit.

So will not fit other bolts due to overall length or particularly due to the length of the cocking piece or shroud.
So the maximum length from forward edge of bolt handle to rear of cocking piece (or shroud) can be 40mm. Otherwise the flap cannot close.
Also, overall bolt length of up to 170mm otherwise pokes out the bottom.