BRT Scope Ring Alignment Kit 34mm (discontinued)

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BRT Scope Ring Alignment Kit 34mm (discontinued)

The 2 small bars are placed in the rings with their flat ends nearly touching. Then put the ring caps on top and lightly tighten. If the alignment of the rings is seriously out then consider how the rings attach directly to the receiver or to mount base sections. Lapping should only be done to correct minor alignment issues. Assuming that some lapping is going to be required after your testing, remove the two alignment bars then prepare the  200mm long lapping bar. This bar is purposely made undersize in diameter by the thickness of the wet & dry paper. It is approx .020” or .5mm undersize so when the wet & dry paper is wrapped around the bar, its diameter is then the correct size. Remember when doing the lapping process we only want to lap the lower halves of the ring set with them in place on the rifle action or bases. The upper ring set halves will self align.

Each kit contains;

2 x anodised alignment bars.

1 x anodised lapping bar (purposely machined undersize to account for paper thickness).

2 x sheets of Norton Wet & Dry paper, 240 grit and 600 grit

1 x set of instructions with photos.