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BRT Machined Nylon Barrel Caps (16 tpi and 18 tpi)

  • Threaded Delrin plastic barrel caps to protect the thread ends of your removable barrels.
  • Protect  the threads, the face and chamber. Outside dimensions are 1.250″ x  1.700″ long
  • Perfect for all those people with swap barrel outfits. Typically Benchrest Shooters.
  • The Cap threads are relieved for the first 0.4″ to make screwing on and fitting simpler
  • Rounded cap ends so no sharp edges. You can also write any identification on them.
  • Will fit barrels with a cone face, a relieved face and flat face bolt fit.
  • Come in 2 sizes and identified by the colour.
  • Made in Australia.

BLACK – 16 tpi (threads per inch) – to suit Remington, Barnard, RPA, Millenium, Farley, Some Stillers etc.
WHITE – 18 tpi (threads per inch) – to suit BAT machine, Most Kelbly actions incl Stolle, Many Stiller BR actions, Nesika etc.

NB: 16 tpi means – 16 threads per inch x 1-1/16th inch diameter threads – BLACK version (please read notes below)
NB: 18 tpi means – 18 threads per inch x 1-1/16th inch diameter threads – WHITE version

As always check your action manufacturer barrel threads specifications to confirm size. Also, please read note below:


The black version caps which suits the 16 tpi with the 1 and 1/16th inch pitch (1-1/16″) threads are just that. So be aware that some Remington actions over the years have been customised and blueprinted by many gunsmiths. Certainly the PSECO ones done by John Giles in Australia mostly are. This means the threads in those actions were machined out slightly larger diameter to correct imperfections. Therefore the barrel threads were cut accordingly to match that slightly oversize result. This means the barrel caps (the black ones) will not fit those oversize threads because they are actually… oversize.

The amount of oversize also varies from one blueprinted action to another.  So if there is any doubt, measure the thread diameter properly. But another way, which is not the proper way to measure threads, but this way will give you a rough approximation and help you decide if these barrel caps might fit the threads on your barrels. Use calipers across the outer surface of the thread. If that shows larger than 1.0625″ (27mm) then this means it is oversize . See picture below which illustrates an oversize thread example.