Berger 6mm 64gr Column


Berger 6mm 64gr Column

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Berger 6mm 64gr Column (100)

These bullets are very popular for Benchrest ‘short range’ group shooting. The ultimate in accuracy. Stuart and Annie use these bullets in 100 and 200 yard competition and have achieved great success. In fact many of the World’s top benchrest shooters use these bullets. Particularly at 100 yards.

“if your benchrest rifle will not shoot these bullets really well in your 6PPC at 100 yards, therefore is something else wrong”

Berger Flat Base Target Bullets are often used by competitive Benchrest shooters who seek the highest accuracy possible. Flat Base Target Bullets are often used out to mid-range distances of 300 yards or more where a boat tail is not applicable. Berger Flat Base Target bullets are match-grade quality and utilize a tangent ogive bullet design which makes these very easy to load, tune and shoot. Highly accurate, the Flat Base Target uses J4 Precision bullet jackets for construction. J4 Precision Jackets have a Total Indicated Runout (TIR) of +/- .0001 and extremely tight manufacturing tolerances.