Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets 2nd Edition – Bryan Litz


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Ballistic Performance of Rifle Bullets 2nd Edition – Bryan Litz

This book provides highly accurate ballistic performance data for over 533 modern rifle bullets from .224 to .510 caliber. The Ballistic Coefficient (BC) data is based on live-fire testing methods which are accurate within +/- 1%. A common testing method is used to determine performance for all brands of bullets. In this way, shooters are provided with consistent and accurate performance data which can be used to compare and select the bullets which are best for their application.

Combined with Applied Ballistics software products, this bullet performance data is also used to calculate highly accurate trajectories which put your shots on target at long range.

Dimensioned drawings are provided for each bullet, as well as detailed stability data which is useful in determining suitable twist rates for bullets in various environments.

Performance data is reported for over 90 different types of 22 rimfire ammo from various length and barrel twists.


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