Bald Eagle front bag 3inch


Bald Eagle front bag 3inch

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Bald Eagle front bag 3inch
  • This front bag is custom made to suit the Bald Eagle line of Benchrests.
  • Approx dimensions are 120mm long and 80mm wide (front to rear) including the front and rear side flaps. Without counting the width of clamping flaps the bag width is 55mm (front to back).
  • Height from underside of bag to the surface where the fore end of the stock will ride is 30mm. Fits rifle stocks with 3″ (75mm) wide for end.
  • Leather bags with special cordura type micro fibre material over the top side. Fill flap at each end.
  • These bags may fit other applications, but we advise people to check dimension first, before making their decision as they cannot be returned once modified or filled with sand.NB: Some other brands of front bag may fit a Bald Eagle Benchrest. However they may require modifications of at least the right angle support end brackets. All at owners risk.