21st Century Lathe Kit No Pilots or case holders


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21st Century Lathe Kit – WITHOUT any Pilots, neck expanders, carbide cutters to match case shoulder angle or the case holders to support at the head of the case

This kit includes two items;

  • The blue Lathe assembly and drive shaft (without any specific case holders)
  • The red Micro adjustable Neck Turner unit (without specific pilot arbor, or shoulder angle Cutters)

This particular kit will then allow you to add a variety of other necessary items to carry our outside neck turning (machining) operations. Some of those could be the 21st Century brand or the KM Shooting brand of Arbors and expander systems. It is important to note that if you choose 21st Century NT Arbors you should also choose the 21st Century brand of expanders and the die that holds these.
If choosing the KM brands of Carbide NT Arbors you should therefore choose the KM expanders and press adapter (maybe window riser) to match the KM arbors.

The items need to be chosen and added to cart separately. Hyperlinks going directly to each of these possible products are added below and will open in a new tab so you can go back forward, checking out each to see.


  1. 21st Century tungsten carbide cutter(s) which match the shoulder angle of the cartridge cases you will neck turn (only 21st Century brand of these will work in the NT) https://www.brtshooterssupply.com.au/product/carbide-cutter-21st-century/
  2. 21st Century brand case holders to match the case heads of the cartridge cases you will outside neck turn. There are several of course and a link to a reference chart is provided https://www.brtshooterssupply.com.au/product/case-holder-neck-turn-21st-century/

These items above are essential and have to be the 21st Century brand items Next is the Neck turning arbor for the NT body. You have two (2) brand choices because 21st Century Shooting make a simple adapter to accept KM neck turn arbors. The KM Shooting Tungsten Carbide arbors are really excellent! The choices of either also determines that the same brand of neck expanders are needed to match. This is because sizes vary within brands and they are each made to match each others neck turning arbor size. Mixing and matching brands doesn’t work here.

So to choose the 21st Century brand gear see below

21st Century brand neck turning arbors of the calibre(s) and type(s) you prefer (black nitride, or steel or titanium coated) depending on calibres too.
Black Nitride option:     https://www.brtshooterssupply.com.au/product/black-nitride-neck-turn-arbor-21st-century 
TiN option:                      https://www.brtshooterssupply.com.au/product/tin-neck-turn-arbor21st-century/

21st Century brand expander mandrels in the calibre(s) and type (black nitride or titanium nitride or steel)

You will need a die body for the expander mandrels. There are 2 versions and 2 sizes


If choosing the KM Shooting brand items you first need a 21st Century KM Adapter for the neck turn body
The KM brand Carbide arbors (2 types)

If you are using KM arbors then you should use KM Expanders which go into the KM Press adapter


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